How did I get here?

So. We all have a starting point where and when we decide to take the leap and get a costume. Some sew it themselves (I admire you guys), and other (like me) buys it. And in most cases, the things we get aren´t very historically accurate (HA), what ever that means. But it’s okay! We can’t be experts on the first try and we can’t know everything from the first moment.


My first costume was bought and it was in black linen with big, hanging sleeves. I was a bit gothic, and the bird foot to wrap it up! Modern sandals and no thought about having a veil or covering my hair some other way. I wore this at my first ”adult” Medieval week in Visby and I was so proud!


The following Medieval weeks I also borrowed my sisters red linen dress, and got a belt bag.


The turning point came at the medieval week 2009 when I got some new friends and had a newly bought cape and hood, Bockstensmannen model, in wool and the double layer look really got me inspired.


So, when I got home after Visby in 2009 I wished for money to buy fabric for my birthday and I got some green wool and with some friends help I sewed, by hand, a kind of generic 14th Century sideless surcot. I decorated it with a tablet weaved trim.
I didn’t weat it that many times, but it at least got me thinking about sewing more and that I could sew. It was a good start.

The picture is from 2010 and that year I got a pair of ”medieval” shoes, generic model and not made by hand, but it looked better than the sandals at least.

In 2010 I moved to Visby and joined Styringheim, the local group in SCA and the rest is history.


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