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Today the family finally pulled ourselves together and reorganized the sewing room a bit, rearranging the shelves and the fabric cupboard. Along with that we cleared out the fabric stash, sorting out the ”this could be useful” and just keeping the stuff we actually wants to use. Which lead to five bags of fabric that we’re going to take to the charity shop and one bag of throw away stuff.

Then we marked the reserved fabrics and sorted out the stuff that is free to call dibs on. So now the shelves contains, from top to the bottom, linen and silk, reserved wool, ”undibed” wool, coloured linen and velvet and at the bottom mundane fabrics and sheets for toiles.

The ”free” wools is often the left overs after a project that is big enough to make something of. So if anyone wants to make a garment, they can first look there to see if any of the fabrics are useful!
I want to make a Sköldhamnshätta e.g. But I don’t have a fabric for it, but now I look in the ”free shelf”! A leftover for someone can be a perfect fabric for someone else.

(Photo by Babs)


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