Get in the boat! Oar else…

A couple of weeks ago Peter and I went to the Vasa museum, because it was a couple of years ago and they have a couple of new exhibitions! Luckily, besides the cool ship, there is some clothing that they managed to find in the ship and on the bottom around it. All I had was my phone to take photos with, but hopefully you can see something anyway.

Discoveries like these give us a great insight about what things and clothing really looked like in the 17th century and how they were made. And they absolutely make history more real and comprehensible, more alive.

Click on the pictures for bigger size.

20150828_150908 20150828_150919 20150828_150924 20150828_150948 20150828_151003 20150828_151017 20150828_151230

20150828_154235 20150828_154422 20150828_154429


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  1. min supkopp gick i 1000 bitar i Visby i år…



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