Lazy guide to drinking

So, in SCA there is a brewing guild where the members make beverages such as mead, beer, ciders and liqueurs. Some of it is good, some is bad, but it’s always fun to try new things and sometimes to laugh about the bizarre. And some more HA then others, like this recipe.
For 5 years ago I got a recipe from my friend Agnes for home made cider. I’ve used it two times before, the first batch went okay, the second not so much. No explosions, just some strange flavours…

When we moved into the house last year we didn’t use the apples from our apple tree, so this season I really wanted to make something with them, thereof cider. When eaten they are not very sweet, and that’s a good sign when making cider I think, I don’t wan’t it too sweet.


The recipe is quite simple (good for us lazy drinkers):

5 kilos of apple
300-400 grams of caster sugar per liter cider
1 tsp ascorbic acid
25 grams citric acid

  • Rinse the apples in water, you don’t have to peel them
  • Cut them into quarters and but them in a bucket
  • Boil 4 liters of water and pour over the apples
  • Add the ascorbic acid, diluted in some water
  • Let it rest for 7-10 days (possibly longer if needed, the fermentation starts after approximately 3 days)
  • Stir every day and mash it a bit with a big wooden spoon
  • Sift through a piece of cloth or a colander after the 7-10 days. I like some pulp so I just sift it through a colander
  • Measure the liquid and add the sugar to half the batch. I used 1000 grams of sugar for 4 liters of cider.
  • Heat the batch with the sugar on the stove until the sugar dissolved
  • Take it of the heat and add the citric acid, diluted in some water and give it a good stir
  • Let it cool and mix it with the rest of the batch
  • Pour into bottles (glass or plastic)
  • Keep opening them every day until they stop popping, to reduce pressure, or until you drink it up!

This recipe makes a quite intensive cider and it’s good to dilute it with some water, with around 1 part water 2 parts cider. But try it and find your own balance!



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  1. Fny

    I need to do this. No excuses this year, NEED TO DO THIS!



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