Not the best of writers

So, if you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m Swedish. And therefor I’m pretty lucky when it comes to learning languages, especially English. I’ve studied English since the age of 9, I think. And since then I’ve heard English every day in songs, movies, TV etc. And because of that I have a pretty decent vocabulary and I’m quite confident when writing and speaking.

And still, I make mistakes, and now when I’m getting into some new things with this blog, I’m challenging myself and my use of the English language. So I’m about to do a lot of mistakes, I’m going to do some direct translating that won’t be correct English. Buut I hope you’ll understand me anyhow!

I think this is a good opportunity for my historical re-enactment and how I present it. In SCA we talk a lot of English and when we have contests and presentations in Arts and sciences they’re in English. So doing this blog is a good practise if I want to engage in that kind of things.



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