More eduation for the people

So, I have some tips for you interested in the 16th century! This is one of my focus periods and I also have a lot of friends who enjoys big hats, huge bottoms and mayor bling (”Major Bling!”). And of course I want you guys to take part of all the goodness as well!


For all of you there is, free and available for downloading, a book about german 16th century clothing that has been really hard to get now! It’s about clothing and house textiles in Nürnberg, Germany 1500-1650. It’s in german, but full of pretty pictures!


And for all of you Swedish followers, or those who can travel to Sweden for this marvelous occasion , there is the Tudor tailors! The writers of the book Jane Malcom-Davies and Ninya Mikhaila is going to Uppsala, Sweden and is giving lectures and workshops for a whole weekend. 4-6 march 2016, a weekend of ruffs, fabrics, mingling and renaissance food! I’m not sure if I will be able to attend it, but I really think it’s a wicked opportunity for all of us.

The event is in english but the facebook page is in swedish, but that’s what Google translate is for!

Get more information here!


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