Twitching hands

Finally some twitching of inspiration in these resting hands. I really need to get some things done right now in the beginning of the reenacting season! My plan is to, at least, get some small projects done for Double wars, which starts in the end of April. My short list consists of; pink women hosen, a warm underskirt in wool and a linen schleier (a german 16th century veil). That’s a reasonable plan, isn’t it? I should be able to manage that…

Right now I’m working, so I can’t get to it, but what I can do with this twitching hand is to look for more inspiration. Because I really need more of that and more pictures on my Pinterest… So, I’m going through the website where one of my favourite pin comes from! Lots and lots of pretty stuff, so I’m making more pins. Here are some of the best ones.


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