Rock, paper, scissor!

Well, OK, no rocks, but otherwise a lot of paper and surely a scissor or two was involved.
Last week I visited The Royal Armoury with a friend and I especially wanted to see the new exhibition Renaissance fashion in paper. 28 life-sized hand-painted paper costumes  with the goal to show off the abundance of the Florentine Renaissance court of the Medici family. The costumes ranges from 15th to 18th century, but the main focus was the 16th century, and I was so so happy! I can’t believe that anyone can make so much beauty with just paper, but obviously, there are people who can.

Because the original outfits have not survived, the artist has based her pieces on portraits and she herself creates the parts that we can’t see; the lower parts of the body and the backsides.

I’m going to share some of my favorites here with you, but I hope you can come to Stockholm and see for yourself! The exhibition is open until 19 March 2017.


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