Viking and Iron Age food: recipes

To continue on my last post about Viking/Iron Age food, the cooking post, I’ll now add a short in between posts-post with a few recipes. The last post did get rather long, and I didn’t want to add more to it and decided to break it up a bit. But I know that a lot of you want hands on recipes to try yourselves, so here we have two fairly easy ones with ingredients that are easy to find.

The recipes, and some of the information from previous posts, are from an excellent cookbook written by Daniel Serra and Hanna Tunberg, (who have given me their premission to post this recipes). It’s called An Early Meal – a viking age cookbook & culinary odyssey (2013) and is described as a culinary journey throught time. It’ll help you learn how to cook the Viking way, using period ingredients. You don’t get just recipes, but also a big section of the theoretical aspects, sectioned into three parts; what did they eat?, how did they prepare the food? and how did they eat? There’s also a generous appendix with archaeological finds of plant remains, an encyclopedia and a nice list of references for further reading! I highly recommend this book for all that are interested in Iron age food. Now, the recipes!

Salmon on turnip stew

150 g salted butter
250 g wild leek or scallion
500 g turnip
500 g salmon
5 dl fish stock (the water in which you boiled the fish)
4 egg yolks
1 sprig of dill
1 sprig of coriander

  1. Boil the salmon in big chunks with the bone and skin until ready.
  2. Save the water in which you boiled the fish – the stock.
  3. Chop the leek and turnip, and sauté them in the butter.
  4. Add 4 dl of the stock and bring to the boil.
  5. Mix the yolks with about 1 dl of the stock that you have allowed to cool off.
  6. Mix the yolk/stock mixture with the boiling stock, take off the heat and stir it.
  7. Fillet the fish and cut in into bite-size pieces.
  8. Put the fish in the pot with the lid on, to allow the salmn to get some warmth from the sauce.
  9. Sprinkle the green herbs over the dish, just prior to serving.

If cooking in a Viking Age setting, use an iron pot to cook the fish, and a soapstone kettle for finishing the dish.

Alu Laukar – a sauce for smoked meat

50 g wild leek or spring leek
0,5 dl chopped thyme
0,5 dl chopped dill
2 dl geuze, a Belgian spontaneously-fermented beer
2 tbsp malt vinegar
500 g salted and smoked fatty pork

  1. Chop all the greens together as fine as you can; you might even mortar or crush them.
  2. Mix the greens with geuze and malt vinegar.
  3. Cut the meat in thin slices and place on a serving dish.
  4. Pour the green sauce over the meat and serve it at room temperature.

There are 42 great recipes in the book, based on different geographical areas; Lofoten, Kaupang, Lejre, Hedeby, Jorvik, Uppåkra and Birka. Maybe you can find it, as I did, at your local library. Or you can support great projects like these and get a copy! Swedes and readers from most EU countries can get a copy here.

/Herrin Gele Pechplumin
(Magdalena Morén)

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