My Visby shopping haul

This is the haul from Medieval week in Visby! I got some really lovely pieces, some planned and some spontaneous!

The fabrics are, from left to right, lovely hemp for veils from Historical Textiles, plant dyed wool for a Iron Age coat from the Madder dyer and a gorgeous red wool from Medeltidsmode that I’m planning to turn into a 14th century Herjolfsnes coat.

The small cup on top of the birch dyed wool is a gift, made by Alexander at Krohns krukmakeri, is of a Siegburg model and is dated to the 14th/15th century. The mug in the same light clay is another piece from Krohns, also a Siegburg model and I got it to use at the Battle of Wisby camp.

The brown mug is a 16th century model and I preordered it for pickup in Visby, made by Atelier Able.

The glassware are of 14th and 15th century Italian models and I got them from the lovely visiting Italian reenactors in the Battle of Wisby camp on the market day there. They’re handmade in Italy and they have a lovely feeling to them, and the straight ones almost look modern in their simplicity.

The dies and the comb is from Bikkel en Been at Kaptitelhusgården and they got used during the week! The painted boxes are made by Johan Käll and I just had to get the playing monk for my new dice. 

I got the two lovely rings from Burr at Nordens Historiska fynd, and they’re based on 14th century finds, one from Lindesberg, Sweden and the other from Colmar, France. 

The beads was another preorder and they’re made by Sylvia at Viking Beads. They’re part of my Birka project and I’ll present them more closely in a later post.

I got a bunch of sewing needles from the Merchant wife at the Battle of Wisby market, but they’re not all for me.

The pin at the front is this years pin from Medieval week.

Looking at your shopping like this can help you see patterns of what you’re interested in and what your main focus is at the time being. For me, that’s 14th century and Iron Age. Tha latter has been my main focus for a while, and will continue to be so. That period inspires me the most and that’s where I dive the deepest when it comes to doing research.
14th century is a new and fun period for me that I’m playing around with. I want to do it well, but it’s still a pretty shallow dive.

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